Join Mane Attraction for the 25th Year!! Here is all you need to know!!!

Mane Attraction Rodeo Performance Team is always interested in new riders.  We have our annual Open House in the fall, with tryouts in the following weeks.  If you are interested in our team, please contact a team member and find out how much fun you could be having!

The following information includes everything you need to know about Mane Attraction and how to become a member:

Dear Prospective Team Member,

We really appreciate your interest in Mane Attraction Rodeo Performance Team.  The team desires to attract new riders who are capable of making a commitment to our team and our level of performance.  We are glad you are willing to “check us out”.

You will find enclosed some pertinent information for you to read:

  • Team By-Laws
  • Team Highlights
  • Prospective Member and Horse Requirements
  • Team Expense Requirements
  • Drill Team Terms and Basic Rules
  • Proposed 2019 Schedule
  • Application

This team is looking forward to performing for our 25th season and we have always made a commitment to the members that the focus would be a social riding group who desires to perform at rodeos and competitions and have a great time while doing our best and attaining the goal of winning!  We have been very successful at attaining these goals, and wish to continue to do so.

We are a competitive women’s drill team, looking for experienced riders with horses that have intermediate to advanced training.  Riding drill takes a horse with the willingness to ride closely with other horses, making quick turns, riding at high speed and stopping quickly. Cantering slowly is also part of the drill.  This is often an unnatural thing for a horse to do, and the horse has to be willing to participate in order to make a good drill horse.  Most of the women on the team have been riding drill for a number of years, so there are many mentors to help new members.

Some of our regular performances have been the Salem Rodeo in May, the Eugene Pro Rodeo in July, Philomath Frolic and Rodeo in July, parades in Florence, Harrisburg, Coburg, Springfield and Junction City.  We compete at events in Oregon, Washington and Nevada, including the Reno Rodeo and the Salem State Fair Drill Team competition in September.  We were privileged to perform at the Northwest Equine Expo in Albany in March of 2014 and 2016.  During the Oregon Women’s Drill Team Association State Meet in August 2016, the team placed 1st Overall, 1st in Freestyle, 1st in Short Program, 1st in Impromptu!  1st was also our placing at the Oregon State Fair for 2016 and 2017.

After you have read the enclosed information, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask any of the current team members.  Fill out the prospective drill team member application and email it or give it to us at your first practice.  We are looking forward to riding with you and hope that you feel the same.  Our ride nights are Tuesday’s at 7:00 PM at the Oregon Horse Center Prairie Arena on Prairie Road in Eugene.  See you soon!


Lisa Petersen, President

Mane Attraction Rodeo Performance Team





(Originally produced September, 1994, 2nd edition approved July, 2002, current edition approved March 15, 2017)

1.      The purpose of this club is to be a quality equestrian performance team.

2.      Chairperson will be Lisa Petersen. Vice chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer are to be elected on an annual basis. Team Equipment will be stored at Lisa Petersen’s house. Equipment will be turned in at the end of every season and the board members will inventory and clean. Equipment will be distributed to members at beginning of each season when full deposit is made to Treasurer.

3.      Age limit to be 18 years and older.  Exceptions to this rule must be  voted on unanimously.  Exceptions will not exceed 20% of  membership.

4.      All members will be responsible for the maintenance of their own equipment and uniforms.  Equipment owned by the team is to be used only at approved parades and/or performances.

5.      There will be no drinking of alcoholic beverages allowed before  and/or during a performance or activity of the team.  This includes  practices, parades, performances, fund raisers, etc.

6.      Personal appearance and clothing to be neat and clean at all times.

7.      Horses shall be well groomed, trimmed and/or shod.  Current shots (5 way, East and West, Flu/Rhino. If over 18 – Flu/3 way.  West Nile and Strangles are optional), horses kept in good condition will be mandatory.  Receipts from veterinarian or supply store will be required to supply proof of shot or serum for above.  Failure to produce receipts will disallow riding at practices and/or performances until receipts are produced.  The vice-chair will be in charge of keeping the records herein required and will be responsible for notification of suspension for non-compliance.

8.      Horses to be kept under control at all times.  The horse and rider will be schooled and evaluated for a reasonable amount of time, if the problem persists, then a group decision will be made to determine the outcome.

9.      Horses are to be mares and geldings only, and to be at least 14 hands tall.  Solid colored horses, of medium to dark color, are desirable, all other horses are subject to approval by the members of the team.

10.     Members will be responsible for their own transportation.

11.     Dates for practices will be announced at each meeting or practice.

12.     Six out of twelve monthly meetings must be attended to continue active membership.

13.     All members will be required to participate in at least 90% of all drill practices.  Any member who displays inconsistency in  attendance will be subject to disciplinary action – based on the recommendation of fellow team members.  Continued absenteeism may result in member being asked to leave the team.  All members will be on time to practices and the last two practices MUST be attended before a performance.  In the event of absence, member must contact another team member before practice.  Special         consideration will be given to emergency situations, with final decisions being made by a majority team vote, and/or drill coach.

14.     There must be active participation in all fund raisers.

15.     Monthly rides and dues are $60 and are to be paid in advance or at the business meeting at the beginning of each month.  Riding dues may vary depending on the cost of facility used.  Every member is assessed ride dues whether they attend practices or not.  (Potential members riding with the team during practices will also be assessed ride dues for the nights they ride).  If one’s dues are not paid at 30 days, the member will be verbally reminded to pay.  If that member falls 60 days behind, they will be asked to not ride until the dues are paid in full.  All dues will be payable even while one is past due in one’s dues.  It will be the responsibility of the Secretary to document absenteeism and participation at all team functions.

16.    During the Fall Tryouts, there will be an 8 week trial period.  The person trying out must ride at least 6 of those nights. At the monthly meeting following the rides, a vote will be taken by members (present and absent) to confirm or deny applicants membership onto the team.  An approval rate of 100% with all members voting, is required to confirm membership.  Horses are voted on separately from rider, with the same stipulations.

17.     An open forum will be initiated in the case of any grievance brought forth by any member.  The chairperson will call the forum and all members will be in attendance.  Decisions will be taken care of in an appropriate manner and conducted by the chairperson.

18.     Under certain circumstances, such as illness or accident of horse or rider, death in the family, surgery, etc., a leave of absence may be granted.  The member must request a leave of absence in writing.  Request shall include the reason for the leave, and the       length of time the member expects to be absent.  The request will be presented to the entire membership for consideration.  Based on the membership’s recommendations, the executive board will decide to refuse or grant the leave.  If a leave is allowed, all team       equipment must be turned in to the quartermaster when the leave    begins.  It will be returned upon reactivation on the team.  Leave of absence members will not be able to vote.  All past dues, if any, must be paid before reactivation starts.

19.     Any changes in By-Laws must be approved by 90% of membership.

Mane Attraction Rodeo Performance Team


1994 – 2018


  • September – Formed and organized the new team – Mane Attraction Rodeo Performance Team – Focusing on performance in rodeos, parades and drill competitions.  Colors are Bright Yellow, Silver and Black
  • Founding members –
    • Lisa Petersen
    • Barbara McKay
    • Gwen Thompson
    • Beanie Meindel
    • Sadie Walrod
    • First Performance – Eugene Celebration Parade, Eugene, Oregon


  • First Rodeo – Salem Rodeo – May, 1995
  • Oakridge Tree Planting Festival Parade
  • Harrisburg Fourth of July Parade
  • Yoncalla Rodeo and Parade
  • Coburg Golden Years Parade
  • Philomath Frolic Parade – 1st Place, Queen’s Choice Award
  • Special Olympics Presentation/Performance – Portland, Oregon
  • Eugene Celebration Parade
  • Salem Bull a Rama


  • Salem Rodeo
  • Oakridge
  • Mother’s Day Poker Ride – Springfield, Oregon – Hosted by Mane Attraction
  • Harrisburg Fourth of July Parade
  • Philomath Frolic Parade and Rodeo
  • Coburg Golden Years Parade
  • Eugene Celebration
  • Salem Bull a Rama
  • Junction City Light Parade


  • Salem Rodeo
  • Oakridge Tree Planting Festival Parade
  • Mother’s Day Poker Ride – Springfield, Oregon – Hosted by Mane Attraction
  • Harrisburg Fourth of July Parade
  • Philomath Frolic Parade and Rodeo
  • Coburg Golden Years Parade
  • Coburg Golden Years Drill Team Competition – Hosted by Mane Attraction
  • Salem Bull a Rama
  • Junction City Light Parade


  • Drill Team Social – Hosted by Mane Attraction, held at Lane County Fairgrounds
  • Special Olympics Auction
  • Mother’s Day Poker Ride – Junction City, Oregon – Hosted by Mane Attraction
  • Salem Rodeo
  • RC Rider’s Competition – Hillsboro
  • Harrisburg Parade
  • Philomath Parade and Rodeo
  • Coburg Parade
  • WLRCA State Competition – 3rd Place – Parade
  • OWDTA State Competition


  • Albany State Team Penning Competition – Flag Routine
  • Drill Team Social – Hosted by Mane Attraction, held at Lane County Fairgrounds
  • Outlaw Competition, Vancouver – 5th Place
  • Salem Rodeo
  • Reno Rodeo Drill Competition – 3rd Place
  • Reno Rodeo Parade
  • Eugene Pro Rodeo
  • OWDTA State Champions


  • Drill Team Social – Hosted by Mane Attraction, held at Lane County Fairgrounds
  • Outlaw Competition – Vancouver, Washington
  • Salem Rodeo
  • Reno Rodeo Drill Competition – 2nd Place
  • Reno Rodeo Parade
  • WLRCA – 3rd Place
  • Lane County Fair Competition


  • Salem Rodeo
  • Silverado Competition – Olympia, Washington
  • Eugene Pro Rodeo
  • WLRCA – 5th Place
  • Clark County Fair Competition
  • OWDTA State Competition


  • Florence Rhododendron Festival Parade
  • Salem Rodeo
  • Eugene Pro Rodeo
  • Harrisburg Fourth of July Parade
  • Benton County Rodeo


  • Florence Rhododendron Festival Parade
  • Salem Rodeo
  • Eugene Pro Rodeo
  • Harrisburg Fourth of July Parade
  • Veteran’s Day Parade – Eugene, Oregon


  • Florence Rhododendron Festival Parade
  • Salem Rodeo
  • Eugene Pro Rodeo
  • Philomath Frolic Parade and Rodeo


  • Florence Rhododendron Festival Parade
  • Salem Rodeo
  • Eugene Pro Rodeo


  • Salem Rodeo
  • Eugene Pro Rodeo


  • Salem Rodeo
  • Eugene Pro Rodeo


  • Salem Rodeo
  • Florence Rhododendron Festival Parade
  • Sisters Rodeo Parade
  • Linn County Fair Presentation w/Wayne White


  • Salem Rodeo
  • Florence Rhododendron Festival Parade
  • Creswell 4th of July Parade


  • CC Riders Competition (Washington)
    • 4th Place
    • Florence Rhododendron Festival Parade
    • Creswell 4th of July Parade


  • Oregon Horse Center – Horse Expo in May – Exhibition
  • Oregon State Fair Drill Competition
    • 2nd Place


  • Oregon Horse Center – Horse Expo in May – Exhibition
  • Florence Rhododendron Festival Parade
  • Eugene Pro Rodeo Sponsor Exhibition – June
  • Harrisburg 4th of July Parade
  • Lincoln County Rodeo
  • OWDTA – 1st Place – Short Program
  • Oregon State Fair – 1st Place Overall


  • Reno Rodeo Drill Competition
    • 1st Place, Mixed Division
    • Lincoln County Rodeo – Newport
    • OWDTA
      • 1st Place – Short Program
      • 1st Place – Freestyle
      • 1st Place – Team of Four


  • Northwest Equine Expo – Albany Oregon – Exhibition
  • Reno Rodeo Drill Competition
  • Lincoln County Rodeo – Newport
    • 1st Place – Freestyle
    • 1st Place – Impromptu


  • High Valley Riders Competition – 1st Place
  • CC Riders Competition – 2nd Place
  • WLRCA State Competition – 5th Place Overall
  • OWDTA State Competition – 1st Place Overall
  •      1st Place – Freestyle, Short Program, Impromptu, Parade


  • High Valley Riders Competition – 1st Place
  • CC Riders Competition – 2nd Place
  • OWDTA State Competition – 1st Place Overall
  • Clark County Fair Competition – 2nd Place Overall
  • Oregon State Fair Competition – 1st Place Overall


  • Velocity Competition – 2nd Place
  • Stirrin Dust Competition – 2nd Place
  • OWDTA State Competition – 2nd Place
  • Clark County Fair Competition – 2nd Place
  • Oregon State Fair Competition – 1st Place
  • Philomath Frolic and Rodeo Performance
  • Rhododendron Festival Parade
  • Creswell 4th of July Parade
  • Philomath Frolic and Rodeo Parade


  • Eugene Pro Rodeo
  • Harrisburg 4th of July Parade

Mane Attraction Rodeo Performance Team

Possible Expense Requirements

Monthly Dues       $60  per month, year round

Mane Attraction Rodeo Performance Team has three outfits.  Parts of the attire are owned by the club; however, there are certain items that each member must own themselves to complete the outfit.  Any clothing which is unique to the team may be bought by the team from a former member.  The following list is an example of items owned by members.  Specific items to be purchased by the members, but needing to be identical to the rest of the team, are sold through the quartermaster.


Clothing                                                           Approximate Costs

Yellow and Black Outfits

 Club Owned:

  • Yellow/Black Embroidered Top
  • Yellow Turtle Neck w/Sequins
  • Silver/Black Sequin Vest
  • Black Neck Tie
  • Hair Bow
  • Hat Band

Member Owned:

  • Chaps (Team has some to rent)                                   $500
  • Jeans: Black                                                                       $40
  • Black Tuxedo Blouse                                                        $40
  • Belt:  Black/Silver Bling                                                   $45
  • Boots: Black                                                                        $60
  • Gloves: Black                                                                      $15
  • Hat: Black (Bailey Tombstone)                                      $65
  • Earrings: Bling – Team will order                                 $25


Club Owned:

  • Leather and Silver Headstall/Breast Collar/Reins/Tie-Down
  • Black Tack Bag
  • Saddle Pads
  •       Yellow Vinyl
  • Splint Boots/Professional Choice-Black
  • Parade Outfits
  •      Baseball
  •      Puttin’ on the Ritz
  •      Grease
  •      Singin’ in the Rain


Fund raisers are always in progress, however, a $200 deposit is required for insurance on the team tack.  Deposit is refundable upon member’s resignation when all tack is returned clean and in good repair.  Any equipment or clothing returned dirty or damaged will result in deposit not being completely returned.

Team Chaps are able to be rented for the season.


Prospective Rider Criteria

1.)           Attend ride nights each week saddled up and ready to ride by 6:30 pm, Tuesday nights at The Oregon Horse Center Prairie Arena in Eugene, OR

2.)           Attend monthly business meetings held on the 3rd Monday of each month

3.)           You must have an attendance of 90%

4.)           Have an attitude and personality that shows a willingness to be part of a team.

5.)           Be open to constructive criticism and help with you and your horse.

6.)           Stay current on all dues and tack deposit.

7.)           Be able to make the financial and time commitment for the season.

8.)           Have a willingness to improve your riding skills.

9.)           Have dependable transportation.

10.)        If you are leasing a horse you must be able to show you have use of the horse for the current performance season.

11.)        Be able to help in fundraisers, sponsorships, and team participation in activities.

12.)        Be willing to practice weekly from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. When it gets close to a competition, often times we practice twice a week for a few weeks prior to a competition.



Potential Horse’s Criteria

 Absolutely no aggressive behavior such as kicking or biting!

1.)           Be physically fit and healthy in appearance.  All horses must be kept current on all vaccinations and worming, as well as feet kept trimmed or shod on a regular schedule.

2.)           Be at least 14 hands and able to fit in with the rest of the group in relationship to size, way of travel, and head set.

3.)           Be able to travel in a straight line and balanced manner.

4.)           Be able to neck rein and move off your legs.

5.)           Be able to change leads and pick up correct leads on command.

6.)           Be able to rate speed without breaking gaits.

7.)           Be able to stop and stand quietly on command.

8.)           Be able to side pass.

9.)           Be able to do forehand turns and rollbacks.

10.)       Be out of training gear and into a western style bit.

11.)    Be able to ride beside and behind another horse with a flag.

12.)    Be able to carry a pennant and or a flag, or learn to carry one.



 GUIDE RIGHT: You will hear this term the most.  Two or more horses abreast.  Guide to the knee of the right-hand rider next to you.  If the rider to your right is not there or late, guide to the next person on your right.

GUIDE OUT: Any number of horses abreast.  Guiding out could be to the right or left.  You always guide out when the outside horse is moving faster in a forward motion and the inside or pivot horse is stationary.  Guide to the knee of the rider in the direction the line is moving.   4               3           2          1        Guiding out to horse #4 or #1.

STRAIGHT LINES: When following another horse, always track in the footsteps of the horse directly in front of you.  This is how we accomplish straight lines, and even circles.  The judges sit high in the bleachers to look for this.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               RATING: Rating your horse is essential.  Certain maneuvers require a brisk canter, then rating your horse after execution of the maneuver, and setting up for the next.  You must not allow your horse to break to a trot.  Collect him up in a slow canter if needed.

TROTTING: Trotting is not allowed.  Points will be lost in a competition if you allow your horse to trot at any time.  The only exception is in the short program, when it is a required for the whole team to execute a maneuver at a trot.

LATERAL SPACING: The lateral space is the distance between your horse and the horse to the right and left of you.  This distance should be equal in space on both sides and should be consistent down the line when horses are traveling abreast.

PAIRS: Two horses traveling together abreast.  Riders should be stirrup to stirrup.  On corners, the nose of the outside horse should be slightly ahead of the inside horse.  The outside horse sets the pace and will push the inside horse around corners, forcing the inside horse to rate.

OBLIQUE: This is executed by having the nose of you horse on the knee of the rider in front of you.  A modified version may be the nose of your horse on the hip of the horse in front of you.  The Drill Master would specify this.

COMPANY FRONT: When all horses are traveling abreast down the arena, stirrup to stirrup.

CHEVRON: Same as oblique only forming two lines making an arrow.  Nose of the horse is on the knee or hip of the horse in front of you.  You should be fairly close to the horse in front of you.

Mane Attraction Rodeo Performance Team

2019 Events

  • March 23-25  Northwest Expo            Albany, OR
  • May             Velocity                               Rocky Top, WA
  • June          Stirrin Dust                          Rocky Top, WA
  • June          PNWDTA                              Spanaway, WA
  • June         Reno Rodeo Drill Comp.     Reno, NV
  • July          WLRCA Competition           Spanaway, WA
  • September    Oregon State Fair            Salem, OR


Estimation of Costs Per Performance:

Stalls: Average of $55 a weekend

Camping: Average of $30 a weekend






YOUR NAME: __________________________________________________________


ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________


PHONE: ____________________ E-MAIL ADDRESS: _________________________


YOUR HORSES NAME: __________________________________________________


HORSES BREED: _______________________________________________________


HORSES AGE: ______________________________


MARE/GELDING ________________________________




















Email to Lisa at or turn it in at practice.


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